The Trouble with Mars and Venus – An Alt-Right Edition

By Badb Catha


The fire rises!

The current year is looking more and more like a fever dream. The icing on the cake has been the the alt-right’s foray into the world of mainstream chatter, with media and political mouthpieces attempting (and failing) to pin down a movement that defies clear categorisation. What the media don’t seem to get is that the ill-defined alt-right has long been a strange orgy consisting of various nationalist types, conservative breeds, reactionaries, traditionalists, libertarians and other disaffected dreamers. The only unifying factor was/is the anti-establishment/status-quo stance and opposition to rabid left-wing progressivism. Even if that were to be clearly explained to them, it would offer little to nothing in the way of counter-tactics.

Yet more confusion is generated by journos and politicians who’re too old to appreciate millennial e-humour and Japanese folded steel levels of irony. The effect is so incongruous and jarring that they can’t help but investigate further. The world of internet subterfuge is one big trip down the rabbit hole. Curiouser and curiouser. Curiosity also killed the cat, and there’s no going back now.

In the early stages of the /pol/ification process, I was one of a number of amused yet slightly worried onlookers. The dank alt-right meme machine, personified by Pepe the liberator, seemed to have too much in common with Frankenstein’s monster. As an unprepared and immature adolescent gone awol, he’s been running aimlessly throughout the internet, screaming into the void, demanding waifus, and growing increasingly angrier. In retrospect, this concern was somewhat naive. By actively manufacturing easily digested pop-culture nuggets, the memecore sector has managed to make the previously unthinkable slightly more mainstream and somewhat more acceptable. They’re the foundation of the pyramid, and consequently invaluable. Meme Magic may be hollow, but as a propaganda tool and a gateway drug, the proliferation of Pepes and anti-everything trashiness has reaped exactly what was intended. This isn’t to say that the alt-right doesn’t have any PR problems. It’s just that its PR problems have nothing to do with the inelegance inherent in spamming twitter with #cuckservative and Zyklon Ben jokes.

This is where we return to the syncretic soup known as the alt-right. Or, more importantly, any motifs it has managed to assume due to association with single-issue movements of the heretical bent. Enter the manosphere, the MRAs, the pick-up artists, and other anti-feminist movements in which a handful of individuals occasionally direct their attention to the bigger issues of ethnic survival and identity. The big problem is there’s something rather embarrassing about individuals who touting patriarchy placing the entirety of the blame on the weaker sex. Women are deemed to be simplistic and malleable on one hand, yet dangerously inclined to insubordination and cunning on the other. Meanwhile, men, who are for some reason free of any innate weakness, remain the victims of their own perfection.

Regardless of whether or not the Everyman has been duped and undermined, degeneration can not take place without consent and cooperation. Feminism, like any other so-called equal rights movement, has not been the product of an overnight people’s revolution. It has been a slow and steady climb spurred on by a minority within a minority, their elite enablers, insidiousness social engineering, and the drip-drip-drip of new norms replacing the old. With this in mind, I have no more interest in placing blame upon men than I do women. I would also maintain that overindulging in the blame game only ever cultivates a sense of disempowerment and helplessness. Adversarial men and women alike, please take note.

While the frustration of men is not unwarranted, modern woman, for all her hotly discussed flaws, is no more or less damaged than modern man. Virtuous femininity is just as rare in our age as virtuous masculinity. When the postmodern hears the word ‘femininity’, they think frivolity, pettiness, and self-indulgence. These are the hallmarks of a girl child, not a woman. This isn’t any different from the feminists who associate masculinity with nothing more than boorishness, wanton destruction, or the insecure arrogance often seen in teenage boys. When stunned, both feminine and masculine energies have the capacity to be degenerative forces. Unlike mature manifestations that support, nurture, and sustain the constructive qualities of the other, these infantile expressions are the stuff of cooties and pulling the hair of the girl you fancy. In short, when placed under a social order which touts individual freedoms and desires as the highest good, human beings who would otherwise collaborate for mutual benefit become inharmonious and incompatible. Man and woman were not designed to exist independently, nor are they built with competition in mind. The aptitudes, tendencies and traits that manifest along these sexed lines are not one sided, and dark aspects are in a response to dark times.

Developmental paralysis and spiritual sickness does not exist isolation, nor does it sustain itself with a vacuum of its own design. Our world is the stuff of artificial order built and sustained by generations worth of better men and women. The apparent meaningless of our society (beyond fleeting pleasures which, in whatever form, are very easily attainable) leaves us with a void to fill, and so the darkness proliferates. We’re all painfully aware of the “I want it now” mentality that comes from living in a society where the basics + are pre-packaged and ready for collection. As much as we’d all like to consider ourselves exceptions to this norm, the unfortunate truth is that we are all, to some degree or another, the product of our age. So, in a world of immediate solutions and rampant impatience, why should our expectations of the opposite sex prove to be any less demanding?

When I see my brothers  scorn and denigrate women wholesale, I can’t help but be reminded of the fractures and infighting currently rocking SJW’s on the left. That motley band of oh-so-oppressed minority demographics who, much to our amusement, have spent the past decade trying themselves into an ever increasing number of social justice knots. As the various splinters of the movement jostle for airtime, the struggle against kyriachy is quickly forgotten and replaced with an internal oppression Olympics of microaggressions. Accusations of privilege and erasure are levelled back and forth between razor-shunning feminists of the old school variety and lesbian-identifying men in skirts. Cue caterwauling. If a member of an ethnic minority takes issue with a member of another, they are guaranteed to face reprimand in the form of ‘racism = power + privilege’ (that is to say, white power and white privilege), and failure to submit to this dogma will result in their exclusion. Cue upset. The politically correct flavour of the month, ‘anti-islamophobia’, has proven to be so confusing, so problematic, that everyone involved would sooner kneel for the scimitar than concede that the religion of peace (through submission) is fundamentally incompatible with everything they hold dear. Cue the death-knell. Coexistence, acceptance and inclusion are looking more and more difficult as the discussion continues. Unsurprisingly, what should serve as a wake-up call to the futility of their misguided mission is drowned out by the sound of trigger warnings. Instead, as a remedy to infighting, the more pragmatic and idealistic among them promote intersectional solidarity as a means to keep the wheels of the revolution churning. “If we disenfranchised groups could just put aside their conflicts of interest and (not so) petty differences, then we could all get back to the business of destroying the white cis-het Christian patriarchy and be back in time for tea.” This is closest one could possibly get to sane and sensible solution to a not so sane and sensible cause. Integrity be damned!

The difference on our side is that our goals are clear-cut, achievable and based on mutual interest. Unlike our hairbrained archenemies, we’re not seeking a revolution of utopian proportions, but the restoration of a social order built upon a solid foundation of truthiness. The cornerstone of classical western civilisation and the continuation of our race is, of course, the family. Alienating degenerate weak-links and outsiders is a non-issue, maybe even desirable. The same can definitely not be said for women. Traditional sex roles are not just utilitarian, nor do they benefit men or women at the behest of the other. At best, the war of the sexes resulted in a Pyrrhic victory for women, as their liberation resulted in the elevation of responsibilities formerly expected of both parties. The only difference is that women are much less likely to notice the degree of their disenfranchisement, thanks to the state’s efforts to replace the role of husband, legal pandering, affirmative action, and a certain weakness toward social suggestibility. Women are no more disposable than men. The upset and anger of many men is very much a testament to that.

The post-war era sees both sexes clinging to their respective vices as a means of keeping the much vilified other at a good and safe distance. If a process of reunification cannot be embarked upon, then our future is very grim. More can be gained by building bridges than burning them at both ends. I say we get back together again.


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