Oktoberfest: Cultural Diversity and Cultural Death

By David Yorkshire

As all true nationalists know, and indeed anyone left with any common sense, different races create different cultures because the races of men are intrinsically different. This means that wherever one goes in Europe, one finds cultures that, while having regional differences caused by historical distance between groups and national differences caused by political boundaries, are nonetheless similar in character. In contrast, if one travels further to the Middle East or Africa, the cultures there are utterly alien.

This is why Oktoberfest has attracted people from all over the world and yet its clientele has remained 99% White European despite attempts at “diversification” (see above). In Islamic societies, of course, the consumption of alcohol is either frowned upon or forbidden. This contrasts quite starkly with the White European tradition where alcohol has always been consumed, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Sensible drinking enhances a pleasurable evening, but one ought never to make an important decision after a few pints: “When the beer is in, the wits are out,” as we say in Yorkshire.

When we talk about Islam, what we are really talking about is a strict religious code of Arab culture. When other peoples accepted Islam, a word which actually means submission, they did so because they were defeated by and submitted to the Arabs. This inevitably involved the miscegenation of the conquered peoples, but even those who remained pure were spiritually Arabised through religious and cultural submission, and is why the Serbian artist Dragoš Kalajić called the Muslim inhabitants of the Balkans “semi-Arabs”.

Arabic culture being so alien and antagonistic to the codes of White European culture, it is either sheer madness or a deliberate act of pure malice to let loose Arabised peoples into the societies of ordinary White Europeans, who, due to decades of propaganda aimed at subverting their indigenous culture and rendering them defenceless, are easy victims for those from an aggressive culture that promotes conquest.

The effects of this were seen in the Austrian city of Wels recently, where a Volksfest – a sort of mini-Oktoberfest – took place at the beginning of September. The Austrian attendees were, of course, dressed in their traditional Tracht: Lederhosen for men and for women. I can only speculate that the Dirndl dress was specifically designed to enhance femininity; if so, then the designer of the very first Dirndl exceeded herself.

This, however, poses a danger from men operating outside the norms of social convention who are perhaps unable but definitely unwilling to control their sexual appetites. Islam teaches its adherents to make sex slaves of non-Muslim women. The Qur’an is quite explicit about this:

“O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as spoils of war….” — Sura 33:50

It should have come as no surprise then, when several Austrian women were sexually attacked by Afghan and Iraqi men “seeking asylum”. The Austrian women, disarmed through the “Denazification” (or rather Marxification) programme instituted in all schools since WWII, a few litres of beer and the fact that Austria was traditionally one of the safest places in the world, were easy prey for the attackers in the early hours of Sunday 2nd September.

This has certainly had an effect on this year’s Oktoberfest that has just come to a close and reported the lowest attendance in fifteen years. Islamic terrorism takes many forms. The attacks on women, while being acts of self-gratification, serve the greater purpose of driving natives out of their own public space and destroying the native culture by discouraging public assembly for participation in cultural events. If people from a particular culture are prevented from organising events among themselves and excluding outsiders, they become atomised and are further weakened, for their attackers act as a collective, whereas they are lone individuals that can easily be picked off. Such is the law of Nature.

I have no doubt that the likes of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Austrian counterpart Christian Kern are well aware of this, familiar with and fuelled by Leftist dogma as they are. Bavaria and Austria have been the most staunchly traditional parts of the Germanophone world and it is no coincidence that the European Union announced a couple of months ago that it planned to stamp down hard on the regional dialects of these areas by insisting on all children speaking Standard German in schools.

This shows clearly that the European Union is not interested in diversity. Regionalism is true diversity, which they wish to extinguish. The policies of so-called multiculturalism are also created to destroy true diversity. The aggressive alien culture of Islam comes not to coexist, but to conquer, destroy and replace pre-existing cultures. Islam is the great standardisation as religion. This is one of the reasons our elites are enamoured by it. It is an aggressive force for globalism and the elites seek to use it to crush indigenous diversity, whether in Bavaria, Austria or elsewhere.

I have seen this happen before at first hand. From the 1970s to the 1990s, successive Labour and Conservative governments flooded the former mill towns of Yorkshire with immigrants from Pakistan and India, the majority of whom were Muslim, while simultaneously creating areas of high economic deprivation. Northern English culture, particularly its humour and tradition of stand-up comedy, was demonised as “racist”, parochial and backward, particularly by the BBC. The popular Northern TV game show Bullseye was cancelled in 1995 for being “too Northern and too working class”.

Government funding even at the local level was often no longer made available for anything traditional, allocated as it was for “more progressive” events like the Leeds West Indian Carnival. Tony Blair finished the job off by instituting political correctness into the police force and forcing it top-down into the culture through an education system that was, in any case, well on the way. The millennial generation grew up without any appreciation of their own cultural tradition. Like Oktoberfest, traditional Yorkshire cultural events like the Great Yorkshire Show and the Whitby Folk Festival have seen a decline in numbers.

With a people left bereft of morale, culture, community, mental and spiritual fortitude and legal protection, the hostile aliens soon realised the natives could be targetted with impunity. The once-thriving Yorkshire pub and club scene that gave birth to bands like Def Leppard and the Arctic Monkeys collapsed, as people stayed at home, isolated. The result has finally been made public after over a decade of deliberate media and government cover-ups. Child-rape gangs have thrived in the former mill towns and cities of Bradford, Leeds, Keighley, Halifax, Huddersfield, Dewsbury and, of course, Rotherham, where the mainstream media finally admitted two years ago that over 1400 girls had been raped by Asians of largely Muslim background.

Having seen this once, I do not wish to see this again, particularly as I know the people of Austria and Bavaria very well, the latter sharing its flag colours with those of Yorkshire. The people of Austria and Bavaria have an advantage in that their governments have not created the conditions of economic deprivation seen in (particularly South and West) Yorkshire. My advice is to maintain your traditions, fund cultural events, undo school indoctrination at home and exclude aliens by any means necessary. I wish you well.



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