Meddling Websites and Stupid Frogs

By Badb Catha


If it isn’t Russians, it’s the internet. It was the internet that caused Brexit, the internet that cost Hillary the US Presidency, and it was the internet that transformed multitudes of docile rabbit-people into rabidly xenophobic, uh… Frogs. “And we would have gotten away with it, too, if not for…” Right, gotcha.

While Dems have been bumping into admirers in the woods and scheduling emergency talks with Uriah Heap, Twitter, well known for suppressing trending hashtags, have begun purging the accounts of popular figures guilty of badthink, hatefacts, and other inconvenient blasphemies. Over in Berlin, Angela Merkel and Barack Obama recently teamed up to discuss the problem of social media and who chews over what. The war on ‘okey-doke’ and heresy looks to be stepping up a notch.

Some argue that, as privately owned platforms, popular sites Facebook and Twitter should be free remove or insert content as they please. After all, they’re not obliged to represent anything one way or the other, not any more than The Guardian is obliged to run articles supporting Brexit. Don’t like their content or policy? Don’t use it. But hard censorship on social media platforms cannot be compared to politically aligned media outlets choosing to ignore opposing opinions or omitting news considered damaging to the narrative. Social media is the spontaneous content generated by service users. It’s was never intended to be editorial, as an editorial stance would render the very idea of social media entirely redundant. The real issue is that state bodies have long been pressuring internet giants to restrict the flow of information, not forgetting those enforced gag orders  and ‘hate speech’ raids. From personal data collection to Mama Merkel’s hot mic incident with Zuckerberg, what we’re witnessing is the growth of an organised pressure campaign led by some very powerful and very naked emperors. Over half of all Americans online use Facebook. Collectively, Europeans also exceed the 50% mark, with western Europeans showing the highest levels of engagement. This gives Facebook and other popular social media sites an unprecedented degree of clout. Given the already high level of interference and ‘moderation’ seen on these sites, the dissident intifada via social media meme can be described as nothing if not potent. Apparently, social media may have more power to shape the public narrative than any politician or media mogul.

Government, politicians and the mainstream media have already suffered a public backlash over their efforts to conceal the truth. The surge in rape and sexual assault committed by Muslim immigrants against European women and children is one such example. Asylum seeking minors who just so happen to be suffering from war-induced precocious puberty is another. Not to mention the constant bombardment of thinly veiled propaganda, lies and smears which reached fever pitch during the run-up to the 2016 UK EU referendum and the US presidential election. Julian Assange, once hailed as a freedom fighter and man of the people by the left-wing media, was transformed into a Guy Fawkes effigy and relegated to the bonfire along with WikiLeaks. The overall message is pretty clear: “Freedom of information and transparency is great, so long as it bolsters our particular narrative.”

The liberal-left relies upon their myriad of falsehoods, poorly concealed hypocrisies, derailment, emotional appeals, obfuscation, appropriation of terms, and assertions that have the flavour of self-parody rather than well-reasoned argument. As they can seldom debate honestly or present their agenda in an honest fashion, they will then attempt to ‘win’ through the controlling and twisting of both the information and the dialectic. This agitprop is standard. The funny thing about current year subversives and establishment propagandists is their tendency to push the pedal to the metal at every given opportunity. As with convicted shoplifters, arrogant power trippers who’ve evaded detection for long enough tend to get extremely foolhardy. As is typical of the left, problems caused by their own camp will be remedied with yet more of the same, regardless of the amount of ire and outrage it inspires. In the not so distant past, a modest number of insubordinate provocateurs with wifi cloistered themselves away in darkest recesses of the internet. But with the advent of popular social media, not only did networking became easier, but free publicity campaigns began to appear in the form of witchhunts, with enraged snowflakes advertising for us in all-caps. What was once fringey is now so prolific and commonplace that it appears to warrant official censure and censorship.

If the powers that be cannot control opinion on the web from the center, they will do it by creating draconian censorship laws and prosecuting individuals. Minor victories are only important insomuch as they throw the system into a degree of panic mode, causing them to step harder on the gas pedal, all while attempting to keep tabs on multiple threats and a host of problems caused by things not going quite according to plan. Shitlords have become legion, while the naked emperors, disregarding public anger, continue down the path of ever increasing fluster and recklessness. This next phase may very well take us one step closer to overt tyranny. Fortunately for us, tyrants can only hold onto power for so long.

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