Rotten Daffodils

Thomas Jones


There is a tendency among the Welsh to show great pride in the deeds of past ancestors who fought against English conquest; of men who wanted to force the English back, the championing of a distinct Welsh identity, the preservation of the nation’s culture, it’s heritage and it’s language. However, as with so many of the Scots and Irish, such fervour doesn’t appear to extend to the current and even greater invasion coming from third worlds. In fact, it would seem that the political leaders of modern Wales are, in a complete volte-face from those of popular heroes like Owain Glyndwr, actually making it easier for foreigners to undermine and displace the Welsh people in their own homeland.

Medieval Welsh poetry and prose lament of Wales and Cornwall as the last refuges of the Brythonic people in the British Isles, having been driven west or assimilated1 by Germanic invaders.2 Today, it would seem that Welsh politicians are helping to ensure that this refuge is taken from them.

Recently, as Jack Montgomery reports, politicians in Wales have been feverishly working to turn their country into the world’s first ‘nation of sanctuary’ for so-called refugees from the third world. Labour politician John Griffiths has promoted this idea which, it appears, has been in the works since 2012. Of course, it comes to no surprise that the Labour party would be pushing for such an idea, given how they have admitted to opening Britain’s borders as a way of forever screwing over their ‘tory’ rivals. One of the many other high-level supporters of this plan is none other than the leader of the nationalist Plaid Cymru (Party of Wales), Leanne Wood.


Saunders Lewis

Saunders Lewis, the founder of Plaid Cymru, must be turning in his grave.

This at first seems confusing. Why would a supposed nationalist party support such a measure? However, Plaid Cymru, like the SNP in Scotland, Sinn Fein in Ireland, and other so-called nationalist and separatist parties elsewhere, is nationalist in name only. Leanne Wood, like many others, is actually just a run-of-the-mill socialist. At first, this all seems quite confusing. Why would a supposed nationalist party support such a measure? However, the Party of Wales like the SNP in Scotland and nationalist movements in Catalonia and elsewhere, is not actually a nationalist organization. Leanne Wood is actually just a run-of-the-mill socialist, a self-declared feminist, a republican, an ardent supporter of the EU. She also cites the 19th century miner Lewsyn yr Heliwr – one of the leaders of the Merthyr Rising, a workers strike, where red flag was flown for the first time – as a hero. All in all, she holds all the views one would expect from someone in any standard social democratic party. Wood and other such ‘nationalists’ have proven that they are in league with the other globalist shills. The only factor which distinguishes them from their mainstream rivals is that they want to impose such policies on a smaller scale. ‘Independence’ means saying goodbye to the United Kingdom, while gleefully embracing micro-bloc status within the gargantuan, bureaucratic, and dwindling European Union.

Nationalism, as we know it, grew out of liberalism and there are many early examples of nationalists like Vasil Levski who rejected ethnic, racial or religious nationalisms in favour of an all-encompassing civic variety. In Levski’s case, he chose to reject the ethnic definition of Bulgaria in favour of a geographical expression. Meaning he saw anyone living in the territory known as Bulgaria as Bulgarian, regardless of their faith, language, culture, blood, et al. However, it must be said that even these liberal nationalists of the 19th century were never as insane as Leanne Wood and her ilk, as they never envisioned turning their lands into massive dumping grounds for the flotsam and jetsam of the world. It should, of course, be noted that many were ethnocentrists and racialists (as was the norm in saner times), regardless of their liberal ideals of democracy and free trade. Even the early socialists look clear minded and level headed when compared to Leanne Wood. One wonders what her hero, Lewis Lewis, would make of such an assault on the native working class.

In Wales just as in Scotland and elsewhere, rightist politics are associated with that European nation which has dominated them and, more specifically, the neoliberal policies of The Conservative Party. Founded upon separatist principles, the politics of such nationalist movements have been established upon reactive contrarianism, finally blossoming into a hodgepodge of inconsistent and incompatible liberal-leftist agendas. Not only will they claim to champion workers’ rights, but also mass migration, housing developments and environmentalism. None of these policies mesh. In the case of Wales, such a small country being turned into a massive ‘refugee’ camp will mean that its agricultural land and areas of conservation will have to be sacrificed. Moreover, it would in no way help the maintenance and growth of its endangered culture and language. In championing the cause of open borders and mass migration they will sacrifice other supposedly cherished causes, including the one they are supposed to hold higher than all others: the survival of the Welsh people, their identity, culture and language included. If successful, they would bring about something far worse than anything England could ever have accomplished.

Ultimately, the European nations of the world are meant to destroy themselves in the name of deracinated ideals. Ideals which, for the most part, are shared by Europeans and Europeans alone. It doesn’t much matter if the countries in question were ever subjected or occupated; They are still White, and thus still in need of ‘deconstruction’ along with those few European countries which did succeed in overseas imperial projects.

So much for indigenous rights.

Famously, when Henry II of England was campaigning in Wales he came across a Welshman who told him that,

This nation, O King, may now as in former times be harassed, and in a great measure weakened and destroyed by your and other powers, and it will often prevail by its own exertions; but it can never be totally subdued through the wrath of man, unless the wrath of God shall concur. Nor do I think that any other nation than this of Wales, or any other language, whatever hereafter may come to pass, shall, on the day of severe examination before the Supreme Judge, answer for this corner of the earth.”3

It remains to be seen if this will be so. Clearly, the ‘nationalist’ party has shown itself to be one of those powers hell-bent on Wales’ destruction that this man spoke of, interests of their voting base be damned!

Is this what Welsh voted for? Based on the 2014 poll cited in Montgomery’s article it would appear the majority did not. 68% believed immigration controls should be tighter (5% believed they should be relaxed). 41% also believed that immigration has damaged Wales, with 18% saying the damage has been “very bad”. This compares with 22 per cent who said immigration has benefited Wales, with just 5 per saying the effects have been “very good”. These numbers aren’t good enough, but I suppose they are the best one can hope for given the endless multiracial, one world propaganda that has been imposed on the Welsh (and European peoples in general) via the media, government, corporations, education system and judiciary.

It should also be noted that the majority of Welsh voted for Brexit and that during the last general election, The Conservatives took second place, while UKIP came third in the popular vote (without out winning any seats). UKIP by far had the largest growth. To me, this suggests that the Welsh are not fully on board with leftist social engineering. Unfortunately, for the moment, such sentiments can only be expressed by voting for parties that are either rightist in name only (like the tories) or are a rather mixed bag (like UKIP). I’m happy to say that the social media accounts of traitors like John Griffiths and Leanne Wood are filled with angry comments concerning their globalist agenda.4

Democracy is supposed to mean that it is the will of the voters that decides which policies a state will enact. The will of the people, however, can always be subverted. Those elected can always avoid following up on their promises, deliberately choosing to forgo delivering in the interests of their electorate. At worst, this may include enacting or supporting something that their voters specifically voted against. And even when individuals come along with anti-establishment views, there is no telling how effective they will be when up against the seemingly impenetrable wall of opposition from the ruling puppeteers. As with Trump, who now appears to be caving into the endless opposition from multiple corners over his previously touted anti-interventionist policies, nothing is guaranteed or all it may seem. Ultimately, democracy will not solve the problems facing the Occident. Once again, many of us are left asking, How much will the farce continue?

1It is important to note that assimilation was the greater force at work here as the majority of English can trace their ancestry back to the indigenous inhabitants of Britain, just like the Welsh and Cornish.

2The Irish also invaded Britain around the same time, but with the exception of (the formerly Brythonic) Isle of Mann and the Pictish regions of Scotland, they were not as successful.

3Wynford Vaughn-Thomas, Wales A History. Michael Joseph Ltd., London. 1985.Page 98

4Sadly, a major issue with Welsh politics – and politics in the West in general – is people voting for a party out of loyalty, as it is the one they or their family have always voted for. The eternal urbanite is yet another issue.

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